Uptown Crawl

Not just another flash-in-the-pan addition to Uptown's flourishing hip and trendy bar scene - Dogwood feels like the real deal as they serve up the stylish ease.

They say - "An intimate spirits-driven sanctuary specializing in cocktails and charcuterie by the pound". I say it's instantly timeless and comfortable, part speakeasy, part hunting lodge, yet current and a bit sexy.

The cocktails are handcrafted, stout and reasonably priced. Try the Hen House - a delicious concoction of gin, ginger and lime. And what's not to like about a joint with bacon chutney on the menu?

Now back to the notion of an Uptown crawl. Try this:

Start with Dogwood - ease into the night with their cozy atmosphere, retro music and a cheese/charcuterie plate and don't forget the bacon chutney.

Next move on to Make Westing - order something from the "Things in Jars" list and elbow your way on to the bocce ball court.

If you're still hungry, go to Flora and order most anything on that menu. Now you're primed and ready to end the night at the kooky Cafe Van Kleef - the "epicenter of the Uptown renaissance". Here you must order the signature drink, The Greyhound, in hopes the generous slice of vitamin-packed fresh grapefruit atop this cocktail will help stave off any ill effects of this long crawl.