Downshifting with Mazzy Star & Gin

The Gin Drink from Camino is fitting the bill for a chill happy hour starter this week. I know it's plenty cold outside - I'm talking more about affecting state of mind or downshifting from a hectic week.

Most people, including me, typically associate gin with summertime cocktails. Then I decided summer is too short to put such restrictions on this super versatile spirit. I know I have posted numerous gin recipes already but what's that famous quote about too much of a good thing? Yes, exactly. 

Plus I think it's perfectly suited for these chill tracks from Mazzy Star. Their first release in over 10 years sounds as good as ever. Rumor has it a full LP and tour dates are due out in early 2012. I'm a patient fan - I will most definitely be on the lookout.

Gin Drink

2 oz gin

1 oz Dolin Blanc

1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

1/2 oz fresh cucumber juice

Pour all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice, shake, strain into cocktail glass and garnish with grilled fig leaf.

Mazzy Star - Common Burn 

Mazzy Star - Lay Myself Down