Plum Indeed

If you saw my earlier posts on Haven or Plum, then you already know I'm a huge Daniel Patterson fan.

So no need for me to go on and on about how all of his restaurants seem to deliver on the delicious handcrafted cocktails, mouthwatering menu and perfect atmosphere that effortlessly and simultaneously infuse you with energy AND a relaxing sense of ease.

Oh wait - I'm going on and on again. Well, whatever. After 3 visits to Plum Bar, I think I have decided it's my favorite out of the 3 (in the East Bay anyway) and here's why. Mainly, I like how "approachable" the menu and the atmosphere are by comparison.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy 4 - 5 - 6 course dinners but sometimes the thought of sitting ANYWHERE for 2-3 hours makes me restless. And just because I'm on the go, doesn't mean I'm looking for "fast food".

I love that you can breeze in and out of Plum Bar - they're open until 1:30AM on the weekends, so you have all night. There's no guilt about lack of commitment and no concerns about lack of quality. Come for a drink before dinner, or come for one after, or for dessert. Heck, camp out the whole night and have drinks, dinner, dessert and drinks again. Whatever you decide, you will revel in the goodness all-round.

All of the cocktails are impeccable - I like the Ol' Saint Fashioned with Templeton rye, brandied cranberry, candied orange and orange bitters. Try the Chicken Wings & Skins with hot sauce & cilantro - it's not what you think - remember who we are talking about here. The Double Burger with Gruyere is amazing and so is the Poutine - a delicious concoction of fries, gravy and cheese.

If you order all of that, don't eat all of it. If you do, you will not have room for the Brioche Doughnuts. Which will mean that you'll have to come back - again and again perhaps, and that will be a tragedy.