Black Lily

I'm raising a glass to the town that has an event called San Francisco Cocktail Week - "a weeklong celebration of all things cocktilian." 

It means the relentless inspiration to push the boundaries of what makes a great drink is alive and well, which in turn means we'll always have libation worthy of the awesome food they dish out here.


Now that's something to celebrate AND another great use for that bottle of Fernet-Branca I bought.

This is the 2012 Official Cocktail of SF Cocktail Week - Black Lily, and here's the story behind the name and the recipe is below.

Fernet has a very distinct flavor and that part I like, but overall I found this combination a tad too sour so I made a few adjustments. 2 oz Cointreau instead of 1.5 and a teaspoon or so of simple syrup - you can make your own or try this one.

Black Lily

1.5 oz. Cointreau

1 oz. Fernet Branca

.75 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

Shaken, strained over ice in a rocks glass. Garnished with an orange twist