Verjus Martini

I'm typically not a martini drinker, or maker for that matter. While I know there's much discussion about technique and ingredients - vodka or gin, shaken or stirred, a little or a lot of vermouth - French or Italian, an olive or a twist. I still wonder, what's the fun in mixing a cocktail with only 2 ingredients - 3 if you count the garnish?


Then I stumbled across this tasty ingredient - Medlock Ames Verjus, and once again I'm reminded how slight variations can equal huge impact - especially when those variations have to fit in a 4 ounce glass. A half ounce of this stuff completely transforms a drink I once considered overwhelmingly strong and one-dimensional.

The subtle citrus tang of verjus, or the juice of green grapes, adds just enough depth and flavor for me to reconsider my position. I've now decided there's plenty of fun to be had mixing, sipping and remixing this classic cocktail.

Verjus Martini

2 oz gin 

I used Bombay Sapphire this time but just like vermouth, there are myriad styles of gin to try.

1/2 oz dry vermouth 

I used Noilly Prat,  but there's a full-on vermouth revival providing endless opportunities for future tweaking.

1/2 oz verjus 

I used Medlock Ames but check your fave winery for their take on it.

Lemon twist  

I'm sure you could further finesse the layers with grapefruit, lime or orange - depending on the botanicals in the gin you choose.

Combine all ingredients in a shaker over ice, shake until well chilled, strain into a stem glass and garnish.