Pocket Cash

Universally acclaimed as one of the greatest music photographers of his time, Jim Marshall's iconic photos of Johnny Cash are now available in this small yet impressive book - Pocket Cash.

Including many never-seen-before photos and intimate moments, this is a must-have for all Cash fans - and I certainly include myself in that group.

Growing up in the South in the 60's, The Man in Black was in heavy rotation at our house. If there's a soundtrack to my childhood, it would include songs like - I Walk the Line, Burning Ring of Fire, Jackson and One Piece at a Time just to name a few.

But childhood music memories in and of themselves do not warrant a lifelong appreciation. What does is Johnny Cash's ability to redefine crossover and longevity. In my opinion, he did blues, folk, gospel and rockabilly just as well, if not better, than he did country. And his later work, MUCH later in fact, is spellbinding.

The American Recordings series co-created with producer Rick Rubin is some of the most well-played music in our house. I especially like American IV: The Man Comes Around.

Mixing Cash originals with unlikely covers by Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and the one here by Simon & Garfunkel, was a formula that not only worked but pretty much made his sound as current as it ever was - no small feat considering The Man in Black was pushing 80.

Now if I close my eyes, I can hear Johnny in our living room a long, long time ago as he kicks off his iconic TV show - "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash."