Look At What The Light Did Now

Yes, look at what it did.

It - the documentary chronicling the making of Feist's Grammy nominated album "The Reminder", has me under a spell and seriously intrigued with this approach to the "rockumentary".

Mesmerizing visuals including Clea Minaker's shadow puppet projections and swirling points of color are the perfect backdrop to her enchanting vocals. Feist describes it best when she says her objective on stage is to "make visible what is audible".

Buy the DVD/CD set and you get some serious "extras" including short films for "The Water" and "Departures", music videos and rare duets.

Now. Let's talk about how Feist got my attention in the first place. A track on "Let It Die" titled Inside and Out (it's attached here and yes, it's a Bee Gee's song) literally stopped me in my tracks.

Love the slow, sexy, bass-heavy jam. If you lean more towards "unplugged" - try this version on "Open Season". I'm crazy for it too - just depends on my mood - dancin' or chillin'.