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Platinum Dirt

While perusing the line up for Art Murmur - the bustling gallery stroll in Oakland's Uptown district held every first Friday of the month, I came across this - The VIN jacket by Platinum Dirt.

Launched in 2010, the VIN jacket has already captured the attention of the fashionable celebrity set. VIN as in vehicle identification number, these one-of-a-kind pieces are created from vintage upholstery from old luxury cars - in this case a Cadillac. With the VIN as a breast plate and the hood ornament as a zipper pull, each jacket sports its own unique flair.

And speaking of hood ornaments, at first glance I wasn't sure I could actually wear one. Then I found these glamorous pairings by fashion editor Marisa Bell of ABOVE Magazine UK.

Now it's not a question of if but how? Made to order and one of a kind - they are not cheap. We'll have to find someone fashioning jackets out of vintage Pintos for that.