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La Mamounia

I love coffee table books. No let me rephrase that. I am obsessed with them - especially big, beautiful books about outstanding design.

They can provide both inspiration and entertainment for me for hours. And the more digital the world of publishing becomes, the more I seek out these incredible works of art that I can actually hold.

This one from the French publishing company Assouline has moved to the top of my wish list. Assouline takes coffee table and art books to another level. I suppose it doesn't hurt that Morocco is on the top of my destination wish list.

For decades La Mamounia, the most famous hotel in Marrakesh, was the height of Moroccan glamour. But after 87 years it was becoming a bit tired. This book chronicles the lavish makeover led by the famed French decorator Jacques Garcia.

A quote from the hotel's general manager - "the story of an adventure, of an exercise in style and of a daydream."

Oh, I can daydream.