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Dressed To Perfection

Carmen Marc Valvo is a quintessential American designer who, since 1989, has been exploring his soul's desire to bring glamorous dressing to every woman's life.

While his sumptuous creations have made him a favorite among leading ladies including Kate Winslet, Eva Longoria Parker, Beyonce, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Lucy Liu to name a few - it's his devotion to his non-celebrity clients that have made him a star.

Now he's woven his timeless fashion advice into this beautiful coffee-table book/fashion consulting reference/elegant dressing manual. Chock full of timeless advice on styling, accessorizing and creating flattering silhouettes - there's a tip or two for everyone, or every woman rather.

Grab a copy and start constructing your own red carpet-worthy looks - you have a whole year to perfect it.