Playing with fire at Penrose

With Oakland outcrop #3 well underway and rave reviews rolling in, there's clearly no stopping restaurateur extraordinaire Charlie Hallowell - he is on fire!

And just like the ubiquitous open-hearth concept, the buzz for each and every venue just gets hotter and hotter. With reviews like this one in the March issue of 7x7SF, I'm not telling anyone anything new by declaring NOTHING about this franchise is flash in the pan.

Every detail is so enticing, so hip and so spot-on it kills me. The space is perfect - stunning actually, the drinks are perfect, the vibe is perfect, the food is perfect - the grilled flat bread is so much so it will make you cry. Hell, the name is even perfect.

Pizzaiola and Boot & Shoe Service both elicit very similar reviews, which usually translates to a very similar wait time - long. But I've said it before and I'll say it again - this is definitely food worth the wait!