I can hear all the screams of protests from other burger joint lovers - and Burger Joint is actually the name of a top-contender and Sparky's is another, but I do not care. I still declare TrueBurger the best burger joint in town - hands down!

If you like a hearty, perfectly-cooked burger with no fancy garnishes or accoutrements, this is your place. Call me crazy but I'm such a purist when it comes to burgers, I don't even order them with cheese. If the beef is outstanding and cooked exactly the way you like it, you don't need no stinking cheese.

What you need is certified Angus beef, ground on-site daily, atop those delicious toasted egg buns - also made on-site daily, with a touch of garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion. Absolute heaven.

I could not figure out what they did to that patty to make it so mouthwatering - apart from actually listening to you when you order it medium rare, until I watched the YouTube video on their website. Apparently smashing the patty on a hot griddle will produce a perfect crust on the outside while preserving a super juicy inside. That technique makes me want to sell the BBQ and invest in a gas range with a built-in griddle.

The fries are spot on too. I know the cheesy fries are a big hit with some people but again, my preference is no funny business. If fries are cooked right, all you need is salt - maybe a little ketchup.

There are lots of other enticing menu items that made their way to my table, including the Bacon Cheesy Trueburger, Spicy Cole Slaw Dog, Chopped Caesar Salad and Whole Spiced Dill Pickle - all with a resounding two thumbs up! There's one thing I missed and need to go back for - the milkshake with TOASTED marshmallow. What could be wrong with that?!

Here's my one warning. The only libation available is beer but they do have an outstanding one if beer is what you like. If you want to make a budget-friendly night of it, with that minor limitation in mind, you might want to try this Grand Avenue crawl:

Start at Room 389 for cocktails - a cozy neighborhood bar with stiff drinks. Head to TrueBurger for an amazing dinner. And then depending on your mood, you're off to Plum Bar for an after dinner drink and/or those incredible donuts or you're kickin it up a notch with a DJ and dancing at ERA Lounge.

Either way, TrueBurger is sure to make a true believer of you too.