Juhu Beach Club

Loving this new "vacation spot" in the ever-burgeoning Temescal Triangle. The casual yet lively vibe coupled with the best flavors of Mumbai street food will make you forget you're in Oakland from the moment you walk in.

The bright pink, floral wallpaper screams we're here to have fun, and the friendly service and accessible menu will ensure that you do!

The Desi Jacks are a great starter - sweet, salty, spicy popcorn, peanuts and pistachios and The Pavs, or sliders, are a must -  especially the Vada Pav with fried potato, pickled onion and pepper chutney, as are the Masala Fries with Tamarind Ketchup. If it's curry you crave they have those too - the JBC Whole Chicken Leg served with lemon rice, raita, kachumber salad and pickles is amazing!

An excellent selection of beer and wine on tap, plus tasty coolers and chai guarantees you'll have an appropriate chaser for all those incredibly exotic spices - and what's a vacation without chasers?