The Night Light

Aptly named and well-positioned, the latest addition to Broadway's booming West End is definitely lighting up the night.

From the stately facade with the carnival-esque lights and Wild Wild West signage to the warm glow of a slew of crystal chandeliers and wall sconces, The Night Light is beaming the modern-urban-oasis-meets-sexed-up-saloon vibe.

With vintage details abound, like the cash registers, the lush, leather club chairs, the bordello-esque wallpaper and boudoir paintings, the distinct crackle of vinyl over the Hi-Fi, and their own version of Miss Kitty (Miss Megan) behind the bar slingin' high-octane drinks, it's like a step back in time that is right ON time.

Makes sense coming from the former owners of The Ivy Room in Albany and Kitty's in Emeryville. It's not their first trip to the rodeo, they do seem to know a thing or two about attracting and keeping a hip and loyal clientele.

Works out great for us Oaklanders. Now the Uptown Crawl merges with the Downtown Crawl with other great haunts like The TrappistBeer RevolutionTamarindo and Haven and the Oaktown party don't stop...