Ginger Lily

I love all things ginger. Ginger snaps, ginger bread, ginger ale, ginger tea, crystallized ginger, pickled ginger - even fresh ginger juice. 

To me the taste and the scent are simultaneously uplifting and calming, and I adore cooking with it. There are dozens of great recipes out there but I seriously think I could pour this glaze over almost every dish I make. And then there's the added bonus of these healing powers.

But one of my favorite uses for ginger is for making signature cocktails - as evidenced by this recipe, and this one and this one too.

If you have not tried this ginger liqueur, you need to add it to your bar immediately and make this drink. It's a bit pricey, but like all fine French things it's worth it.

I found today's recipe in Imbibe and it is the perfect way to rev up any gathering - sparkling, tart, spicy, sweet and refreshing.

Ginger Lily

1 3/4 oz Irish Whiskey

2/3 oz fresh lemon juice

1/3 oz ginger syrup

1/2 oz simple syrup (1:1)

3 chunks fresh pineapple

4-8 mint leaves

Ginger beer

lemon wedge

In a shaker, combine all ingredients except the ginger beer, and muddle the pineapple and mint. Shake and strain into an ice-filled glass, then top with ginger beer and garnish.