Rusty Nail

In honor of Father's Day, I wanted a seriously manly drink for today's happy hour starter. And few things say manly louder than Scotch. 

I could suggest you just run out and buy a high quality single malt, give it a healthy pour over ice and call it a day. You can do that for sure, but if you want a good recipe for one of my favorite Scotch-based cocktails read on.

The Rusty Nail, apparently made famous by The Rat Pack in the 60's, is a very tasty dram indeed and it's only 2 ingredients - 1.5 oz Scotch and .75 oz Drambuie with a twist of lemon for garnish.

But a twist of lemon is not really the twist I had in mind - I like this recipe by Dave Delaney | Highland Swizzle.

Rusty Nail

1.5 oz Scotch Whiskey
.75 oz Drambuie
.5 oz Lapsang Souchong Tea Syrup (1:1 tea & sugar)
.75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
Serve over crushed ice, garnished with fresh mint sprig.

Happy Father's Day to all the hardworking Dads out there. Cheers!