I'm Not Afraid

The only thing that scares me about Thievery Corp's latest studio album, Culture of Fearis the distinct possibility that I will over play this one. Perhaps even more than my other favorite Thievery LP.

These fiercely talented DJs known for their socially alert messages and contemplative grooves, are doing a little less of the politically charged and a lot more of the perfectly crafted - and that is a good thing.

Not that I have anything against politically charged or socially alert or the 9/11 laced lyrics of the title track, it's just not what I really love about these guys. They are masters of combining electronica, trip-hop and acid jazz and weaving the perfect chill soundscape. 

Their unique sound, always rich with world music, makes me want to go places. Like this reggae-flavored track Overstand makes me want to head to the islands. Now what's so scary about that?