Lykke Li - Get Some - Remix by Beck

There is not much I can add to the overall reviews of this Swedish lioness' eclectic sound. She is currently the darling of the music blogosphere.

Once dubbed "a new breed of Nordic pop sirens" alongside Annie & Robyn, Lykke has since ditched the cutesy pop vibe and embraced a groove that is so voracious and sexy there is no doubt who is queen of the jungle now.

Her latest release Wounded Rhymes is a runaway hit and in heavy rotation everywhere, but it's this remix of Get Some by Beck that got my attention.

I'm a sucker for funky, bass-driven beats. Add Beck's loud guitar riffs, the just right distortions of Li's vocals, the Bollywood loop and this song makes me want to get some.

I have nothing against music that screams Nordic pop siren. I danced away the '70's listening to ABBA and Oh Land is one of my new favorite things. But the fact that Lykke has deliberately shunned this title is a very good thing.

Like a gon' get some...