How do you make a ukulele sound that good?

It's finally here - today's the official release date of Eddie Vedder's Ukulele Songs.

You might be thinking what? Ukulele? Like Don Ho and Tiny Tim? But don't - think almighty frontman for Pearl Jam all stripped down, calm and intently focusing on the melody and the melody alone. As one review put it, "Vedder sounds like someone getting out of his own way and discovering what really matters within his art."

His second full-length solo album delivers more pure, heartfelt emotion than the first - Into the Wild, and that is saying something considering the accolades that one garnered.

A collection of both originals and covers, it's hard to pick a favorite on Ukulele Songs but I'm trying. While I love the single Longing to Belong, it's this song - Sleepless Nights, that has me pressing the replay button over and over.

Also out today is Water on the Road - a concert DVD filmed at 2 solo shows in DC in 2008. "With Pearl Jam tracks, covers, original tunes played on ukulele, and choice cuts from Into the Wild" - this is sure to be a favorite thing.