The Mighty Mix Tape

Trentemoller - Blue Hotel (Radio Edit) by Finger Magazine

I love it when a casual perusal of a compilation disc turns into a full-blown jackpot for me. It's just like when a trusted music savvy friend gives you a mix tape - new melodic discoveries abound.

From this one track - a cover of Chris Isaak's Blue Hotel, I found 2 artists and several songs I'll be adding to my playlist immediately if not sooner.

Marie Fisker and Trentemoller make an unlikely pair - apart from the fact that they are both Danish, but a couple of very likable tracks.

Just Fisker alone -  think Mazzy Star with the guitar amp turned up. Fisker and Trentemoller together - well, that's more like Depeche Mode meets the Cure meets Radiohead for a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack audition.

If you like the track above, you'll love this one.

All hail the mighty mix tape!