The White Stripes - Under Great White Northern Lights

If you're already a White Stripes fan you can just skip this part lest you think I'm dribbling on like a star-struck teenager. If you're still reading - well then, here I go - dribbling on.

Acclaimed music critic I am not, but I will go on record and say Jack White is one of the most genuinely talented musicians of his time. Period.

If you're not a believer, I guarantee this DVD will make you one. If it doesn't then watch this one - my all-time favorite rock documentary and a great showcase for Jack holding his own with guitar legends Jimmy Page & The Edge.

Under Great White Northern Lights chronicles their 2007 tour through every single Canadian province - including very intimate shows in bowling alleys, elder centers and aboard small boats. Oh where, oh where was I? Seeing a band this great, that close is beyond hitting the live show jackpot.

Nonetheless, the documentary is worth watching just to hear tracks you've never heard before - like this one.

Apparently, we won't get a chance to hear them live again either. As of today, The White Stripes are no more - a crying shame really.