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There's Dolce Vita and then there's Dulces Finos

Every year my dear friend Graciela returns to her home town of Veracruz to celebrate the holidays with her family, and this is the present she brings back for me - Dulces finos Tlacotalpenos.

It is so addictive for such a simple treat. Only a few ingredients - basically milk and sugar with a single flavor like lime, cinnamon or almond, and a very old fashioned, handcrafted method that has been used for hundreds of years.

I love to hear her describe the process to me which entails several tireless women, a hot stove, a few big pots and hours and hours of stirring until it reaches the perfect consistency - of course, every story sounds great in her beautiful accent.

Such a nice visual. And speaking of nice visuals, thanks to photos like these I can get a glimpse of Tlacotalpenos and the magic she describes.

And thanks to this sweet slice of life, I can taste it too.