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Maestro of Design or Jester?

"I call myself the jester -- the only one in the court who is allowed to make fun of the king because no one questions his loyalty to the king." says Marcel Wanders.

That's what Wanders says. I agree with this headline - design maestro for sure. Even if you don't share his Wonderland-esque aesthetic, I think you'll love his new book Interiors.

It is chock-full of lush, large-format photographs of his fairytale hotel interiors, private residences and international boutiques the world over and lots of notes on the philosophy behind all those wacky creations.

"Why do we think design is about functionality when we've conceded that all other arts, including poetry, music and theater, are about love?"

So that's it? Love. It's abundantly clear he loves what he does and I love tagging along if only via these beautiful images.