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Dream Big Little Pig

It's Wednesday. The day I typically ramble about what gets me going in regards to music, movies, art, videos, books - you know media.

By now, I suspect you're looking at the caption and photo and asking yourself - aah, what? Dream? Big? Pig? Hear me out - I have a plan for tying it back into one of my favorite things.

Yes, this is a brand new children's book, and yes the author is Kristi Yamaguchi - as in the Olympic Gold Medalist. And while I hope you buy a copy, especially if you have little kids, that's not exactly what prompted me to write this post. 

What prompted me is this. Suddenly, I'm questioning the size of my own dreams. We were all wide-eyed children at one point with boundless time and energy for what ifs and endless possibilities. But life gets busy and it seems there's less time for dreams - big or small, but that doesn't mean we should give up altogether.

I propose we pause and at least reflect on all the forgotten what ifs to see if they can become what is. Let's start by saying them out loud to at least one person, or just write them down, or post it here - just start! Put your dreams back on the list.

And most certainly we should aspire to pass that message on to any little pigs we might have in the mix.