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Long Live Succulents

Well, they do actually - live a long time that is, even with a ridiculously low amount of care. Precisely how I came to know about them - out of sheer desperation. I do not know the first thing about keeping plants alive, which make succulents a perfect choice for me. I guess when you get right down to it, they're the only choice for someone like me.

But that is not how I came to love them. That process took time. Time to shop for and amass a few varieties, time to combine the many colors and textures, time to marvel at their qualities as a near-perfect living sculpture. The allure is endless.

Now, I can officially say I am obsessed with them. Succulents in the garden, succulents in containers, succulents for a centerpiece on my dining room table, succulents for hostess gifts - and still I can't get enough. 

And from the looks of this place, I am not alone. While Flora Grubb Gardens offers many things, including palms and native grasses, floral arrangements and plant-inspired gifts - it is very clear they have mad love for all things Cacti.

If you're a fan of modern + gardens and you're in the SF Bay Area, this is a must see. If not, check out their web shop for "that perfect little something."