Honor Kitchen & Cocktails

Emeryville has it going on when it comes to trendy cafes, attracting start-ups and behemoths alike, shopping and deluxe cinemas, but not so much when it comes to a hip dining and nightlife scene. This place is sure to help with that shortcoming.

Honor clearly strives to be über-cool but in such a refreshing, low-key way you might not notice. The sense of ease starts with the fact that you can find parking right outside the door - no easy feat in the SF Bay Area, especially if the restaurant is worth a visit in the first place.

A cozy atmosphere, engaging soundtrack - Motown the first visit and Zeppelin, Sabbath and The Who the second, tasty artisanal cocktails, a hardy, small-plates menu, tub of beer AND pinball make this an honorable establishment indeed.

The Honor Cheeseburger and Hand-Cut Kennebeck Fries are a must. The other stand-outs include: Warm Burrata - I pretty much make it a rule to order this whenever I see it on a menu, the Pot of Brandade and of course, the Grilled Shishito Peppers. If you have any room, their Caramel Pot De Creme is worth a try.

As far as cocktails go, the list is inventive and reasonable - at least I consider $10 per drink for high-quality ingredients reasonable. I like The Von Tesse - vodka, st.germain, mathilde poire, absinthe, peychaud's and lemon.

If you're really thirsty upon arrival, the self-serve bucket of beers is very handy and with brews like Old Milwaukee in the can it's sure to appeal to the hipster in all of us.

Honor provides the perfect pre or post-movie pit stop. Plus what's not to like about a place that declares they honor great music, great atmosphere and honorable folks?