There is seemingly no end to the revamp/reinvent budget for these restaurateurs.

Garibaldi's turns Marzano-Garibaldi's turns Hudson - all in the span of a few short years with nearly undetectable disruption and great flair.

The latest rendition - Hudson, boasts an atmosphere that is warm/cozy meets sexy/polished while the menu boasts comfort food meets sophisticated brasserie.

A sampling would include: Appetizer - fried artichokes "roman style", crispy lemons, orange gremolata & meyer lemon aioli. Pasta - house-made meyer lemon tagliatelle, dungeness crab, tomato concasse, chili, savoy spinach & nuevo olive oil. Entree - roasted chicken, toasted farrotto, tokyo white turnips, chanterelles & house tasso - all super tasty and all well-executed.

And then there's the Tippitular Fixings from the bar. I like The Ante - white rum, lime, cassis, mint & Prosecco on the rocks.

Cheers to some things staying the same for awhile - at least until those sassy banquettes start to wear!