Bridge & Tunnel

I’m a huge fan of the Oakland Uptown renaissance and thought I’d hit all the hot spots. Somehow I missed this place – hard to believe considering Cafe Van Kleef already made a SF Gate Top 5 list.

The review in The NY Times says “San Francisco finally has a Brooklyn to call its own – a carnivalesque utopia”.  I think that is so spot on, there’s not much else to add.

But I will say this.  While it’s great to visit such an intimate and kooky venue in pursuit of live music, it is not necessary - the live music that is. The décor and the eclectic array of patrons are all the entertainment you’ll need. Well, and ordering one of those greyhound drinks that all the yelpers rave about will surely enhance your experience.

I also say bring on the “dirty-but-dapper café-bar”!