While it's true Gather not only accommodates vegetarians and vegans - they celebrate them - there is something here for everyone.

Some real stand outs include - raw local halibut mixed with minutina, grapefruit, radishes and hot green garlic oil, house-made meatballs served over creamy polenta, seared cod on a bed of artichoke fava bean puree, baby artichokes and wild mushrooms and a burger made with Prather Ranch beef.

The only thing more appealing than the plating of their food is well, the plates themselves.

Things look even tastier artfully arranged on this beautiful tableware. I love everything about Heath Ceramics – the color palette, the classic yet modern design and it’s all still crafted in Sausalito as it has been since 1948.

It even makes paying the check easier to swallow - no, not really. It just makes the presentation warmer - and that is how I would describe everything else at Gather - warmer.