Nothing To Forgive Here

I'm a bona fide sucker for vintage soul and R&B vocals. I love everything about them. The sappy baritone and sexy pleas that drive some people to distraction have quite the opposite effect on me - not irritating but rather enticing.

Add a bass-driven dub groove like the one here by the talented Damon Albarn and you cannot get me to sit down - nor can I stop hitting the play button.

Bobby Womack's latest album The Bravest Man In The Universe is in heavy rotation at my house with no end in sight. The track featured here is my favorite but the title track and Dayglo Reflection featuring Lana Del Ray are equally intoxicating.

Check this out for a full and equally enthusiastic review.

If This Is Boring - Bring It On!

Not sure what's up with this review and the C+ rating, but I'm more inclined to agree with this one as they declare Say Goodbye, off Norah Jones' latest album, Song of the Week.

Call me crazy, but I think Danger Mouse + fill in the artist name here = unique listening experience NOT boring. Norah Jones might be too mellow, too mainstream or too over-produced for some, but the fact is she has the vocal chops to lay over most anything - certainly the distinctive grooves and plucky arrangements that this guy throws down.

Little Broken Hearts is well worth a thorough listen, from start to finish, with an open mind and a relaxed mood - a broken heart is optional.

For another boring track - try this one.

Yes, More (Love) Interruption Please

It seemed like an eternity from the time this single was released until the long-awaited solo album, Blunderbuss, hit the airwaves. Granted that gave me lots of time to read lots of reviews, it didn't mean I liked what I read. 

"He may never recapture the electric eel zing of the White Stripes, but it would be a mistake to count out Jack White. I'm actually embarrassed to admit how low my expectations for this album were..."

Count him out? Low expectations? Based on what - all the other forgettable music on lame albums like Icky Thump?! Call me a groupie, but I don't think Jack White needs to prove ANYTHING, to ANYONE, ANYMORE. But of course he will, as evidenced by the fact that Blunderbuss has now topped the Billboard charts.

Crazy thing is, as incredible as that single is, it's not the best song on the album. Blunderbuss and Hypocritical Kiss are equally incredible for completely different reasons. They are stripped-down, heartfelt ballads that veer into folk and pop territory and they are great.

It's not the first time or the last time Jack will be listed on Michelle's Favorite Things. And although I don't yet have a ticket for this tour, I'm still hopeful. Until then I'm gonna soak up all these UNSTAGED videos directed by the equally cool and charismatic Gary Oldman.

And I think I'll post some spirited comments on a few music review blogs.

Soul Healing

I'm loving the blaring horns, kooky treble-heavy guitar and even the squeaking sounds bouncing through this reggae-infused tune from The Ting Tings.

Their new album, Sounds From Nowheresville, is out and to mixed reviews. "Obscurity knocks." Ouch.

I don't care. I still say it's a fresh go-to song for turning up the tempo on a cocktail party, a workout or a long drive. Now really, what more do you require of your electro-pop music?

Never mind those lofty reviews, let this song do what it's intended to do - make you get up and move. Now we're talking soul healing, not killing.

I'll Take A Nap On The Bow

Gearing up for a post on The Ting Tings and I stumbled upon this chill detour from New Look.

I never tire of this down-tempo-funky-bass-backed groove. It makes me want to get up and move but I can see how it could be likened to the deliciously relaxed state of a nap on the bow of a boat.

Read more about them here. As soon as it's available for download, I'm adding it to my favorites